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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Ode to Hugh, the Blog-Father

Or should that be "owed" to Hugh Hewitt, the person I characterize as the Blog Father in the mold of Odin, the All-Father from Norse Mythology?

OK, I bought the book BLOG! and I was properly inspired and voila, here is my own blog. I know, I will soon have to invest and even read the entire book, but this should get me started.

Or should I say get "us" started, because I will need a bit of help from the big guy. How about it Hugh, can you throw me a bone?

Well, next I'd better post something worthy & see if I can get some attention. What, with 8 million bloggers its a long shot, but how many of them are conservative political bloggers? Too many to count, but its a good thing.... Anyway, here ends my Hello World initial post.


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